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Fouad Mokdad didn’t stop after creating the two most popular mods, FMWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. That was their beginning, and later they began creating android modified apps, mostly for the messaging apps. Among the messaging apps, WhatsApp was their favorite one, and that’s why YoWhatsApp is also working through the servers of Fouad Mods, and all the themes or features offered in them both are excessively the same.

That was all about the most known WhatsApp Mods, but there is a rare product we got through the same developer that they named WhatsApp Aero APK. It’s the technology rich modified version of WhatsApp that offers you an already customized app interface in a simple and cooler way. The Aero doesn’t have any relation with the Aeronautics, so don’t get deep inside that word, and try to get it in the mind as the futuristic version of WhatsApp Mod.

This version has some unique features like Bulk Message Sender and Fancy Message font style that you cannot find in most well-known WhatsApp Mods. When we even keep these things aside, there are no features which are available in the well-known WhatsApp Mods but aren’t there for the Aero version. So, the app may sound good for the beginners as the large number of features will make you more optimistic with the app interface.

What’s WhatsApp Aero version for?

If daily messaging is becoming a pain in the mind, and you can’t get the old joyful feeling, you need a break from the official WhatsApp app. WhatsApp Aero version is the modified version of the ordinary WhatsApp that prefers you to choose between three different package names to be used with WhatsApp official app, or with the official one uninstalled. This modified version contains a plethora of technological advancements in the app interface, and you’ll find them out soon.

WhatsApp Aero APK

In the front, you’ll see an ordinary app interface of the WhatsApp Aero version with no changes apart from the custom or straight app menu. Basically, there are 5 different tabs, unlike the three Messages, Status, and Calls tab. Here, the mod has been added to separate tabs or spaces for keeping the Group messages and Community messages. This will sound awesome to you, but there is more coming on the way.

WhatsApp Aero is a Fouad Mod developer version, and it allows you to have the complete access and usage of the anti-ban scripts. It simply means that your account will not get banned if you use the app carefully as shown on the interface. Some features can harm your account’s stability, like the Mass Message Sender, so it’ll be best if you’ll have a larger distance from that feature. Neither Mass Message Sender, nor Advanced Mass Message Sender.

Why Should we use WhatsApp Aero for Messaging?

We don’t have a single reason to place this app on your android device, there are many of them. Many in a way that we can’t even list them in this whole article, or otherwise it’ll get filled just with the words. We found out some rare privileges that make WhatsApp Aero stand out of the crowd of the generous WhatsApp Mods, and they are all as follows.

Fancy Text styles

fancy text styles

We’re living in a gaming world and the technology has introduced some AI created fancy font styles, which are damn amazing to beat the simple Arial and Times Roman fonts. The problem is that WhatsApp Aero’s font styles won’t let you send the messages in exact fonts, but there is an additional feature named Fancy Text Styles. Using that option, you can turn your message to one with a fancy text style, like mostly the ones you see for the names of gamers in battleground games.

Bulk Messages

bulk messages

Must remember that this feature is not to violate anyone’s time, emotions, or mental pressure, but you can use it only for fun at a small level. Mass Messages let you send a large number of messages to the same contact without typing it and clicking the send button one by one. This will make their phone ping on every message delivery, and you can queue bulk any number of messages with your desired text.

Voice Changer

voice changer

Voice Changer helps you change the voice of sending the Audio notes. When we press the microphone button on our Android phones and record voice notes for our friends, the official WhatsApp version sends the same voice as ours. But the modded Aero version has more than 8 different voice effects including Baby, Robot, Teenager, Drunk, Ghost, Girl, Man, and Metal. After changing the voice to your favorite option, record a note and send it to your contacts.

Tiles UI

tiles ui

All the user interfaces we have ever seen in the WhatsApp Mods contain a simple list of features inside the Mod settings. There is a list, where you can choose among options like Privacy & Security, Universal, Themes, Updates, etc. But WhatsApp Aero is the technical version and that’s why it simplifies the mod using level more influentially with using tiles in the place of menu tabs.

Custom Privacy

custom privacy

Custom Privacy means by the different privacy options for the different contacts. WhatsApp Aero is a convenient and messaging friendly application, so it can keep data about different privacy settings for different profiles in the app storage. You just need to select and enable the privacy option if you want to have an additional level of privacy while messaging with the particular contacts from your WhatsApp.

Many Caption Colors

many caption colors

If you have used the Caption status option of the WhatsApp app, they just contain less than 10 background colors for sharing captions on. But the WhatsApp Aero allows you to make your own color using the RGB Code, HEX Code, or dragging the pen on any color as you want. This can make more than hundreds of thousands of color combinations to look unique than the traffic’s online messaging and status feeding.

More Features

The whole app aspects are already taking things fast, and we’re finally here at the feature section. After downloading and installing the WhatsApp Aero application on your Android device, you will find all the below listed features there. All the features down below have their importance to embrace the fan base of the Aero version, and you’ll soon love one of them.

Hide Typing…

When you’re typing a message on WhatsApp, your contact gets notified with the typing… status on their device. If you want elevated privacy and not those typing… statuses, you can simply disable it in the privacy & security feature tab of the Aero version.

Hide Recording…

Similar to typing… status, we also send Recording… report when recording a voice note for any contact. However, you can also hide this recording status from the messaging window of your contact’s WhatsApp using an option in the WhatsApp Aero.

Hide Blue Ticks

Seen reports or the Blue Ticks can also be hidden as an option in the WhatsApp Aero version. You can see the message and take any time in responding, as the app will not send any seen reports to your contact. There is also an option to send blue ticks only after replying, helpful in all the ways.

Hide Double Ticks

Double ticks are shown for delivered messages on WhatsApp, and mostly it’s seen that the contact is online until they don’t see the double ticks on their messages. Using it as a trick, you can hide the double ticks for your WhatsApp contacts, and later they will think if you’re offline, so won’t send message until you want.

Theme library

There is a big library of themes available in this modified app. You will get all types of themes, convenient ones, technical ones, dark ones, light ones, and the Aero official themes with the coolest icons.

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock can help to lock the app interface and the particular chats with three locking options, PIN, Passwords, or Fingerprint Scanner. For securing particular chats, you must need to go through the profile you want to secure and click the WhatsApp Lock option in the profile menu.

One-Click update

The One Click update feature helps you update the app version in moments. Just click the update button and download if you get any update listed on the screen. Soon, the app will get downloaded by the app interface itself and install it by one-click install button.

Custom Font Style

Most WhatsApp Mods only offer a limited number of font styles, but the WhatsApp Aero offers them with a custom font style option. Using this option, you can install any type of keyboard from File Manager by downloading them from the internet.

Additional Emoji Variants

Emoticons in the WhatsApp Aero are the most energetic, and you can also change them with having 5+ Emoji variants, like Facebook classic, Old WhatsApp, and iOS Emojis.

Increase forward Limit

Forwarding messages is only possible for up to 3 contacts at a time in the official WhatsApp, but you can increase the limit to up to 250 contacts simultaneously using the WhatsApp Aero APK.

Giphy GIF Provider

There are two different GIF provider servers, Tenor and Giphy. The official WhatsApp providers service to Tenor GIFs, but if you want the rare GIFs, Giphy will assist you creatively in the WhatsApp Aero APK.

Instant Feature in Chats

There are some most required features that we want to modify and access every time when chatting with different particular contacts. Thanks to WhatsApp Aero, as it allows you to access some instant features, including Voice Changer, Bulk Message Sender, and Aero Settings.

Download WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero APK with more new features, amazing icons, additional options, and wondrous themes. If you have not used the Aero version, it’ll attract you with the first overview and also through the sake of convenience allowed with this version. The current APK version is flawless and compatible with all the Android versions above Android 5.0, no additional requirements are demanded.

WhatsApp Aero Logo
App NameWhatsApp Aero
Requirements5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

When you’ll download it, it’d be an APK file, and you need to make no modifications to install it as the APK files are already Android compatible. You will have to click the file and Install it using an Install button. Moreover, if you want to know the procedure in deep, we’ve listed the steps to install WhatsApp Aero APK on an Android smartphone. Download it, install it, and have a prosperous messaging journey for the next part of your life.

What’s New in v9.93?

WhatsApp Aero v9.74 APK Changelog


How to Install WhatsApp Aero on Android Phone?

The app gets frequent updates as per the WhatsApp official updates, and all the versions, including this one, can be installed using the below procedure. Basically, the procedure is simple and concise, and you can make it done with any of your android devices as it’s the manual android APK file installation process. There are three different package versions of WhatsApp Aero, but we gave you a simple one. Download it and follow the below steps.

  1. Download the WhatsApp Aero APK by clicking the download link in the above section.
  2. Open the File Manager app on your phone and click the APK file listed.
  3. Now, you’ll get prompted by an installation prompt tab, and you need to click the Install button.
  4. Probably, you’ll be asked to permit third-party installation, or unknown sources option if you have not installed any APK file before manually.
  5. Permit the access and click the Install button once again.
  6. Finally, the process will get originated and soon you’ll see a success message.
  7. Now, launch the WhatsApp Aero version on your device from the App menu.
  8. Agree the Terms and Conditions, select your region, and embed your WhatsApp number.
  9. Click the Verify button and enable a few important permissions.
  10. Verify your account using a one-time password delivered to your WhatsApp number.
  11. Enable a few more permissions asked by the app and skip the Google Data backup.
  12. Finally, enter your profile name and upload a profile picture if you like.

You’ve successfully installed the app and gone through all those verification and profile creation procedures. Now, you can access a massive library of features while messaging through the same WhatsApp, without getting any concern.

whatsapp aero installation


This above article may have made you completely cultured with the WhatsApp Aero version, its features, and the process to install it on Android. Again, you cannot find this modified version on Google Play Store as the fact is, it’s a modified version of WhatsApp. And Google Play Store has no space for the modified app or game versions. However, you can download the app version from the above download link and make use of all those features superficially.

Note: Make sure to bookmark this website [https://aerowa.cc] for future APK updates.


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WhatsApp Aero APK

Unleash the power of customization on WhatsApp Aero. Hide double blue checks, change styles, and enjoy enhanced privacy features.

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